Children’s Home Representative


The local United Methodist church is a critical part of the services we offer, and the Children’s Home counts on the generosity of the churches for a large portion of our budget. Children’s Home Representatives provide an invaluable service to the Children’s Home, as they are the lines of communication between UMCH and the churches.


The rep encourages and supports the church during the Amazing Grace Offering and also makes the church congregation aware of specific needs, such as items for the youth, special projects and volunteers. The Children’s Home provides reps with the tools and information they need in order to represent the Home accurately and effectively to their congregation.


When I hear the needs of the children, I have a passion for doing something to help them. I get a huge kick when I see a luncheon that raises a lot of money or a big Offering, but as far as why I’m a Rep, it’s because of helping the kids.
-Harland Mathews, Children’s Home Rep for Kennesaw UMC


UMCH has become a passion for me, and I want to continue to do whatever I can to help the children being served here. My association with UMCH has definitely made my life richer.
-Peggy Smith, Children’s Home Rep for Carrollton First UMC


If you would like more information about becoming a Children’s Home Representative, or to find out who your church’s rep is, contact The Reverend Teresa Angle-Young.


Are you already a Children’s Home Representative at your church? Click here for some tools that may help you! Thank you for serving as a representative of the Children’s Home in your local church!