Kids Helping Kids Toolkit

 Parent Letter

Send out at least 1 week prior to VBS either in hard copy or as an email. (Also good to send home on the 1st day of VBS!)

Take Home Info

Send one home each day of VBS, or send in an email to parents daily.

Fundraising Flyers (suggested)

  • Movie Night Flyer – (show a movie and charge admission)
  • Picnic Flyer – (Parents sign up to buy meals on the last day of VBS. Charge a little extra then donate the profit to UMCH)

Kids Helping Kids Logo

For use in your emails or your own flyers

Certificate of Participation

Can be printed and given to each child who contributes to Kids Helping Kids. Two per page.

Video Resources

This may be shown during chapel time, or sent as a link in emails to parents.

Sharon – Volunteering:

Download Sharon’s Volunteer Story here.

Denise – Foster Care:

Download Denise’s Foster Story here.

Noelle – Family Services:

Download Noelle’s Family Services Story here.

Terence – General Info:

Download Terence’s Programs Story here.



Here is a picture of the sticker we will send you for each child who participates. We suggest giving them out at the final chapel service in celebration! Please make sure we know accurate numbers so we mail you enough!

Digital Email Header

If you want to customize your emails to parents about Kids Helping Kids, you may use this email header.