Stories of Amazing Grace


In our modern age, short and quick communications are great – that’s why we provided a few short blurbs for your bulletin or newsletter or facebook page. But a great story can still capture people’s attention! If you have a longer format – bulletin cover, enewsletter, website blog, spoken announcement, even a sermon illustration – we hope you’ll use or link to some of these stories:


How a family’s care and love transformed their foster child and his mother.


In June, we baptized four youth and remembered the baptism of a fifth!


Chosen: Adoption stories from last year.


A story originally shared on our facebook page:

From a staff member: “Last night when I got to work, Joel* was still up waiting because he couldn’t wait to tell me he passed his Driver’s License test! After we cheered and talked awhile, I told him I needed to go clean a room. Joel said that he wasn’t tired and asked if he could help. I figured I could give him volunteer hours, so I agreed. Joel put in some hard work – he cleaned out the tub and sink, swept and mopped the room. And then after we had finished, Joel said ‘Oh, I already have all my volunteer hours for the month.’ He had just wanted to help!” In less than a year at UMCH, this young man has obtained his GED, driver’s license, and will be starting college in a few weeks. We are so proud of Joel’s hard work, and so very grateful for your prayers and gifts that have helped him become a responsible and caring young man!
*Name changed


One of our foster families blogged their thoughts and stories.


Here are more stories on our website.