Whether you’re a minister, a foster parent, a donor, or a volunteer, we are grateful for your support. We have gathered all the resources we can think of to help you continue to support our children and families.

For Pastors, Laity & Supporters

Are you a pastor, layperson, or just someone who is passionate about sharing the ministry of the United Methodist Children’s Home with others? (more)

For Foster Parents

The following information will help foster parents by providing a central location for information on trainings, as well as many of the forms you will need as a foster parent. (more)

Amazing Grace Offering Materials

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Groups related to The Children’s Home:

Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS)
Together Georgia
United Methodist Association
North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church
Alliance for Children and Families
Interfaith Children’s Movement
GALAA (Ga Association of Licensed Adoption Agencies)

For help with food, housing, financial aid, etc.:

United Way 2-1-1: This site offers referrals to agencies in Atlanta’s 13 counties that can provide help. 2-1-1 addresses areas of need from food to diapers, financial aid, health care, housing, etc.
Georgia Housing Search: This site is a service brought to you from a partnership between the United Way and Georgia Department of Community Affairs to bring Georgians a current listing of affordable rentals.
SafeLink Wireless: This site provides free cell phones and minutes to clients who meet certain eligibility requirements (e.g., receive food stamps and/or TANF, or government housing).This is great for those are seeking a job but have no phone, as a working telephone number greatly increases your ability to gain contact with potential employers.

For grandparents raising grandchildren:

Community resources
The Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Aging Services
United Way 2-1-1

Grandparents as Parents: A Survival Guide for Raising a Second
Family, Sylvie De Toleda, 1995. A guidebook for any grandparent who is raising a grandchild.

Grandparents’ Rights: With Forms, Traci Truly, 2nd Edition 1999. Simple, legal explanation of the law regarding grandparent custody and visitation rights. Includes legal forms and example cases.

Child Welfare League of America
The Foundation for Grandparenting

For job seekers:

Georgia Department of Labor