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Adopted, Baptized, Transformed – Javon and Destiny’s Story



If you have already donated this week – thank you! We pray that the stories we’re sharing give you a sense of how your gift is impacting the lives of our children and families.


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Every child deserves a “forever family.”


Mike and I always wanted our own children, but God chose to bless us in a slightly different way. Our story starts when we heard about the Foster Care Program at The United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) through our church. The urgent need for foster families helped us to see that by fostering we could be the hands of Christ in the lives of children.


Many couples begin fostering as a means to adopt one day, but Mike and I always envisioned influencing children’s lives until they could reunite with their parents. Looking into the future, we imagined ourselves having cared for 40 or more foster kids, being part of their lives and creating this great extended family. However, God had a different vision.


Our first placement, ten-year-old twins, stayed a short time before leaving us to live with an uncle. Even so, they filled our home with fun and laughter. Their extraordinary insights left a lasting impression. Our next placement was five-year-old Javon and his three-year-old sister Destiny. They too filled our lives and our hearts. As it became apparent that they would never be placed back with their natural family, God began to unveil his vision for their lives and ours. Admittedly, we had a hard time transitioning to the idea of parenting only two children and not the 40 in our fantasy. Mike and I, however, knew that God had called us to become Javon and Destiny’s “forever parents”. In January of this year we celebrated the finalization of their adoptions as well as their baptisms in our church. We hope the photos of our new family offer a glimpse of the transformation we’ve all witnessed and personally felt.


UMCH creates a remarkable experience for its fostering families. From our wonderful caseworker to the amazing support team, our resources are endless. Our children, too, directly reap benefits like back-to-school gear, doctor referrals and tutoring. Spiritual needs are also remembered. When adopted, each child receives a personal Bible from UMCH that’s embossed with their new name.


So many kids go through the Foster Care system, and that’s heartbreaking, but if we open our hearts, we can provide the love and care they deserve so they can live the life God intended. Your donations to The United Methodist Children’s Home help make that happen and we appreciate your continued support so that other children’s lives may be transformed like ours.


May God bless you and your family this Easter,

Change a life with 1 click.


With gratitude,
Patches & Mike Mongeon




Graduation and Transformation


Graduation Photos


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11


On January 23rd at 6:30 in the evening I had the honor to participate in one of the key moments in the lives of 10 of our residents, the moment when they walked across our stage in cap and gown and became graduates. Some are graduating from high school, some are graduating from technical college and some are receiving their General Educational Development (GED) degree. It was in that moment that I was struck by the fact that their lives were being transformed–they were walking away from the past and into the promise of  a new future filled with hope.


As I began to write this letter and reflect back on this glorious celebration, I was reminded that Easter is the season where we celebrate how Jesus transformed our lives through his burial, resurrection and ascension. He gave you, me, our residents, and the entire world the opportunity to receive a new life filled with hope. Here at The United Methodist Children’s Home, because of your continued generous support, we are in the ministry of transforming lives every day. Our mission is to provide redemptive, healing services to children, youth and families that can only come from the transformative love of Jesus Christ.


So I say, thank you for giving the people we serve a chance for a new life filled with hope…a transformed life!  It’s my hope that you will prayerfully consider investing in our continued efforts to change the lives of at-risk children and families in Georgia through the love of Jesus Christ.


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May God richly bless you and your family this Easter holiday,

Bob Bruder-Mattson,
Chief Executive Officer,
The United Methodist Children’s Home


PS.  Several anonymous donors have stepped forward with a matching gift challenge. Every gift we receive online during Holy Week will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 


That means that $50 becomes $100! $100 becomes $200! We are making great progress and are already three-quarters of the way to our $30,000 goal. Your gift could be the one that meets our goal. Double your impact by giving today.


Thank you for giving generously to help twice as many proud graduates!

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Katrina’s Story of Restoration



I never imagined that my four-year-old daughter Patrice and I would end up in a homeless shelter: I have a bachelor’s degree. I’m an experienced social worker. However, in 2011 I found I was barely making ends meet on my salary. With relatives in Atlanta, I moved Patrice and myself to Georgia. I counted on staying with sisters until I found a job and an apartment but quickly we were considered a burden. Patrice and I moved into a shelter. Then my car was repossessed. How could I accept a social worker position when driving to people’s homes was part of the job?How could I help others when I was the one in the need of help? 


Then God did what God does and I was introduced to The United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH) just before Christmas 2013. We were immediately surrounded by their compassionate and resourceful staff. Patrice even had gifts to open from Santa.


First they started by helping me clean up my credit and taught me how to budget.Never having money, I’d never before learned to manage it. I also cleaned up my diet. Growing up in the South, I was accustomed to fried chicken with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese on the side. Today, Patrice and I enjoy vegetables and love exercising! Individuals networked to find a car I could afford, thanks to my new budget. Finally, thanks to UMCH’s job leads program, I began working as a case managerin February for the Georgia Division of Family & Children’s Services.


God has taken me full circle; I have been helped and I can now help others. Without knowing me, you too believed in me and for that I say thank you. I hope and pray that you continue to support UMCH so that others can get a fresh start like Patrice and me.


May God bless you and your family this Easter.

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With gratitude,
UMCH Resident




Your impact is doubled.

Several anonymous donors have stepped forward with a matching gift challenge. Every gift we receive online during Holy Week will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 

That means that $50 becomes $100! $100 becomes $200! We’re more than half way to our $30,000 goal. Thank you for giving generously to help twice as many children like Patrice!

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Your prayers and gifts are transformative


The Resurrection brings hope and transformation


Over the last few weeks, two of our teens have made a profession of faith! One rededicated himself to his faith and another accepted Christ for the first time. God is moving in the hearts of our youth! And you have been a part of it, through your prayers and your support.


Your prayers are still needed. When we collected prayer cards last year, our children were AMAZED that people were praying for THEM. We want to amaze them again, and cover them with prayers as we enter Holy Week. Please write a prayer for our children on our prayer page. As a Christian ministry, we believe that true change happens through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Your prayers change lives.


Your support is also needed. During Holy Week we’re going to post a new story each day (you can also receive them via email by signing up for our email newsletters). We’ll share stories of children like Javon and Destiny who, in one life-changing weekend, were adopted by their foster family and then adopted into the family of God at their baptism. Or the personal story of our amazing Campus Minister, Angelo Mante, and a beautiful prayer written by him just for you. I hope it will bless you!


There’s even more good news. Anonymous donors are matching every dollar we raise online this week up to $15,000! That means that your donation will be doubled!


During Holy Week, Christians remember Jesus’ triumphal entry, his betrayal and suffering, his death and resurrection. This reminds me of our children. Our children, like all children, are born with hope and promise. But then our kids are betrayed by those who are supposed to love them. Thankfully, they have come to the Children’s Home, where we claim God’s promise of new life. Pain is not the final word – LOVE IS! You are part of this story of redemption and hope!


Your support makes it possible to provide loving, stable homes for God’s children, whose lives depend on your generosity. Thank you for your gifts.


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Bob Bruder-Mattson,
Chief Executive Officer,
The United Methodist Children’s Home


PS. Remember, your online donation this week has twice the impact, brings twice the hope and speaks twice the love! Please give generously.


Graduation, Winter 2014


The ability to pursue the American Dream — experiencing purpose, achieving fulfillment, earning a viable income, providing for one’s family, giving back — begins with a solid education.  The commitment and ability to remain in school, however, requires stability, support, and direction. Social skills, acquired through healthy relationships, are also necessary. Many of our residents struggle. Taking a holistic approach, UMCH works to instill those foundational elements and tools. We also instill hope. We help individuals envision the life they can attain through their own accomplishments.

Graduation 2014 - Graduates, Speaker, and Hug

In the upcoming edition of Signposts, we celebrate our most recent graduates by sharing some of their stories along with insights from UMCH’s leadership. Sign up for our mailing list today to read their amazing stories of transformation.


You’ll read stories like Sidney’s. Sidney admits to being surprised by what he has learned and the man he has become while at UMCH. Despite thinking of himself as an introvert who shied away from people, Sidney has become a natural leader who enjoys public speaking and helping people discover their talents in our Lil’ Jon music recording studio. These lessons in leadership and teaching have led Sidney to the prospect of majoring in Early Childhood Development at Georgia Piedmont, where he is currently enrolled in college. Join us in praying for Sidney’s continued success! We are proud of him.


More stories of our ten Winter 2014 graduates and photos of the Graduation Celebration will appear in the next edition of Signposts, which will be in mailboxes in early May. Sign up today!


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