A Home for the Holidays

In December 2013, Candice Thomas felt anything but hopeful. She had moved to Georgia for a job, but the position was eliminated before her first day. She relied on limited support from family, but then college student loans kicked in, and she soon found herself staying at a homeless shelter with her four-year-old daughter, Cadence.


“I was in survival mode,” said Candice. “It gets one through a tough time. I told my daughter that we were going on an adventure; we would be staying at dorms for a little while until I found a place for us to live. My daughter pretended it was a sleepover. Not until we moved into The Children’s Home did I cry.”


Rebuilding a Life

Aug. 26, 2014

Latrena Martin drove from Texas to Atlanta with her three children and the promise of a new start. She had accepted a full-time job and had an apartment lined up. But upon her arrival to the city, the job offer was unexpectedly rescinded, and her apartment was not ready. The family stayed in a hotel, but then money ran out and the apartment fell through too. Within two weeks of her arrival to Atlanta, her family was in the scary situation of sleeping in their car in a parking lot.


Overcoming Fear, with Love

July 25, 2014

Lora Petersheim always will remember the baby that broke her heart and helped her overcome fear of becoming a foster parent. A nurse, she was taking care of two babies in a neonatal intensive care unit. One had an adopted home, and throughout the day family members visited, brought gifts, laughed and spoke happily about bringing the baby home. The other baby was in the custody of the state.


“There were no gifts, no phone calls, no signs of love for that baby,” said Lora. “When the infant was discharged that night to DFACS, I cried and cried. I felt just a little of the pain that God feels for His children, and it was almost unbearable. My fears vanished as they were replaced with the desire to love children who needed to be loved, no matter the cost.”


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